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Your Bed Is For Sleeping!

Monday October 24, 2016 comments

When it comes to being productive in bed, don’t do that!

Your bed is for sleeping, and if you have trouble at night falling asleep, these things won’t help you!

-checking emails

-responding to texts

-online shopping

-scrolling through social media

-watching television

Screen time before sleep can be detrimental.

A study conducted by Brigham and Women’s Hospital concluded that the use of electronic devices before bedtime can adversely impact sleep. The study showed that short wavelengths emitted by these devices--the blue light--interrupted circadian rhythms, leading to longer times falling asleep, reduced evening sleepiness, delayed circadian clock, reduced melatonin secretion and next morning drowsiness: all things that can leave you feeling exhausted when you should be feeling rested.


Sleep deficiency is a serious thing folks!

It can lead to other health problems. Things like obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease have been linked to sleep deficiency.

In the hours before bed, and especially while lying in bed, it’s a good idea to consider leaving your phone or tablet alone. Don’t even bring it in the bedroom with you! Avoid using any light emitting screen if possible. The bed should be a place for rest and sleeping, not a place to be productive!

If you work from home and feel like relaxing under the covers while you get things done, resist the temptation! Your brain and body will thank you for it. The mental association of your bed and sleeping needs to be as strong as possible, and working--or doing much of anything else--weakens this association, henceforth making it harder to fall asleep when you plop in bed at the end of a long day.


What if your mattress is uncomfortable?

If you toss and turn all night, seemingly never comfortable, this can be a problem. Especially if your brain begins to associate your bed with uncomfortable frustration instead of sleep. Tossing and turning can be a real problem. If you find yourself staring at the clock for hours on end, instead of lying in bed, try getting out of bed and doing something calming, whatever that may be, until you feel tired enough to fall asleep, then head back to bed.


If it’s your mattress keeping you up, it might be time for a new one. How long has it been since your last mattress? You should evaluate your sleep comfort twice a year.

If your sleep is comfortable and undisturbed, the time you spend awake will benefit drastically. Make sure your sleep habits are positive ones, and if you need a new mattress, or a different one that’s actually comfortable, make sure to use our Mattress Guide and ask our sleep consultants for advice on the best mattress for you!